“An intriguing, creepy little short whose direction, lead performance and musical score effectively conspire to elevate the lead character’s relatively minor flesh wound to Cronenbergian levels of squishy, squirmy body horror.”

- Jason Jenkins, Bloody Disgusting


6 min | English | Nicole Barron & Colin MacDonald

A bloody incident, a disturbing homecoming - Nicole will stop at nothing to hold it all together..

Stitches premiered exclusively on dailydead.com and is the latest short horror film from the team behind the viral sensation Hangnail.

Featuring a brand new original score by the award winning composer Jerry Smith

Stitches won best short horror at

Medusa Film Festival
Hollywood on the Tiber Film Festival
Cult Movies International Film Festival
Hollywood Blvd Film Festival

Official Selection:

Paus Premieres Festival 2022
Stockholm Gold Awards 2022
Red Moon Film Festival 2022
Kraceri Genre Short Film Festival
Stockholm Gold Awards // SGAIFF
Magic Silver Screen FF

Nicole Barron

​Also featuring:
Vanessa Furlong
Cody Southgate

Produced by: Colin MacDonald & Nicole Barron

Written|Shot|Edited|Directed by: Colin MacDonald

Original musical score by: Jerry Smith

Special Effects by: Nicole Barron

Publicity by Alex Divincenzo

Special thanks to

Heather Wixson and Daily Dead
Bryan Christopher and Rue Morgue
Alison Lang
Brian Keiper and Movies For Life Podcast
Jason Jenkins and Bloody Disgusting
Jerry Sampson
Abner Collette
Martha Cooley

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